Support Health Care Providers

The Saskatchewan government recently announced a wage top-up for some front line workers, but most health care workers were noticeably absent from the list of eligible employees.

All Health Care Providers are taking incredible steps to fight the COVID pandemic and flatten the curve of infection. Our members are cohorting in single facilities, being redeployed to other facilities or communities, answering the call for emergency shifts, volunteering by the hundreds to go to outbreak communities, working long hours and going the extra mile every day.

They are providing professional care and compassion to long-term care residents and acute care patients whose families can’t visit. They are isolating themselves from their families and friends to keep the public safe.

In the midst of an unpredictable, unprecedented global medical crisis, our members are bearing the brunt of the mental, physical, and emotional strain that is inherent to this type of situation.

Saskatchewan health care provider unions are calling for the Premier to follow in the footsteps of almost every other jurisdiction in Canada and provide a wage top-up for all health care providers.

This campaign is hosted by SGEU, SEIU-West, and CUPE. We will protect your privacy, and will only contact you for joint projects to support health care providers.